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    8th Nov 2020 by

    In my childhood, I came upon the rice variety named Wada Kolam. I came to know that it comes from an area called Wada. But I was never curious to know where was the place situated in India.In 2018, during the bank strike, my friend Rasika visited Wada and shared photographs of her colleagues’ (Anil)… Read more

  • The Unknown Picturesque Saphale-Near Mumbai

    5th Oct 2020 by

    On a Sunday morning on 15th December 2019, I and Geet’s started our journey to the unexplored Karwale Dam at Saphale. We took the Dahanu Train (that day they extended the train till Surat) from Borivali at about 7.05 am and reached Saphale by 8 am. From our experience, we knew that we will not… Read more

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